Due to the ever increasing crime in our area a number of concerned residents attend the monthly CPF (Community Police Forum) meetings the Parow Police Station.

Faced with our deteriorating situation a decision was made to start the PWP Watch (Panorama, Welgelegen & Plattekloof Neighbourhood Watch with Kleinbosch included). With the very active assistance and support of our local Police and security companies, a number of volunteers (with many ladies) are patrolling our areas on a regular basis. They are the eyes and ears and will call on the Police or security companies to immediately deal with any situation which our patrols become aware of. District Watch and ADT have also supplied us with much needed equipment, which is greatly appreciated.

Our patrols also look out for open gates and garage doors, as well as faulty street lights and pot-holes in the road etc. Problems which need to be fixed by our Municipality are reported and attended to via our local Councillor Cheryl Visser, who also makes a great effort to assists us.

PWP Watch has made a huge difference in reducing problems in our area, but to maintain and improve our efforts, we need more volunteers, so please join us as soon as possible. We are having fun and at the same time we make a real difference in improving the safety in our neighbourhood.

You can support and assist us in the following areas:

  • Patrol / report / monitor
  • Assist with marketing
  • Attend meetings
  • Organize fundraising and other events
  • Offer your particular skills
  • Make a contribution

There are many ways YOU can contribute to a safer community we live in.

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