Summary of the meeting

Anita Vos from Welgemoed Safe:
Delivered an explanation of the process and success with LPR cameras, which began 2 years ago. 17 arrests were made in 2014, compared to 1 or 2 arrests on average in previous years. Welgemoed was able to reverse the trend of increasing crime.

District Watch invited Chris Hobbis from LPR Solutions ( to explain how the system works:
* Data is shared - critical for success - leads to arrests. In other words, Fishhoek could have a burglary and the criminals could be caught in Oranjezicht.
* Statistics show 93 crimes are committed before successful prosecution. In the City bowl about 6 housebreakings occur before being caught or moving on, but with cameras they are caught after 2 or 3 incidents.
* More successful court convictions.
* License plates are clearly visible at night.
* A hub of communication with a range of notification options.
* LPR sends a 'red flag' and the overview camera follows the vehicle.

R40000 per camera (price came down from R140000) includes:
* 2 cameras per pole;
* The camera pole;
* Galvanising of pole;
* Electrical work and wiring;
* Computer hardware (servers and monitors);
* LPR software;
* Cementing of the pole;
* Labour to erect poles and cameras;
* Legal processes.

Costs will be ongoing due to maintenance and/or future replacement of equipment.

John Hulme and Pierre Gouws from District Watch:
* The presence of cameras is already a deterrent: criminals avoid the area.
* Criminals use vehicles - LPR is a crime buster.
* Code of Conduct - POPI Act
* Other areas already use the technology. PWP must do likewise, or will become a bigger target, which affects property value.
* The cameras are the property of PWP and the community.
* LPR camera projects are endorsed by JP Smith (Community Safety)
* Different security companies work together. LPR User Group prevents one specific security company being favoured above the other.
* LPR will not stop crime, but will reduce crime significantly.
* Edgemead, Bothasig, Richwood, Loevenstein etc are also looking into this technology. We are behind compared to the Southern Suburbs.
* Start with main route and expand gradually as funds are generated.
* DW has the control room set up and will provide monitoring and dispatch procedures free of charge.

Thys Crous from District Watch:
Ultimately we aim for about 45 LPR cameras (solar) and 29 overview cameras, subject to final site inspection. Total cost estimated at R1.45 million, including VAT.

Residents were invited to assist with the formation of a section 21-company and to serve on the committee that will oversee the process.
Pledge forms were also distributed. ADT donated pens and District Watch donated 10 reflective vests to PWP members.

Follow up meetings will be organised.


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