Membership Classification

A member of PWP Neighbourhood Watch (PWP) is classified into one of these two groups:

1.1) A member becomes a Patrolling member (patroller) upon:

1.1.1) Acceptance of the person’s Membership application and successful Police clearance.

1.1.2) Joining a minimum of 2 patrols after the membership application has been accepted.

1.1.3) To remain a Patrolling Member a person has to physically patrol or be involved with patrolling activities at least ONCE per month,

1.1.4) A Patrolling member has access to all PWP WhatsApp groups and the Zello channel.


1.2) Non-patrolling member (non-patroller):

1.2.1) Accepted Membership application and Police clearance.

1.2.2) Will only have access to the “PWP NHW Members” WhatsApp group. (And of course his/her own Resident’s Crime Alert Group e.g. WG B)

How to Join

2.1) Prospective member to receive or download (HERE) from website the PWP membership form for completion.

2.2) Completed membership form is sent to together with a copy ID and ensuring that an electronic copy of the form is available.

2.3) Membership application is then processed, and prospective member’s ID is sent for police clearance. (PWP will request police clearance.) 

2.4) New member can join patrols once application is accepted. (No need to wait for police clearance.) May only accompany active Patrollers (1.1).

2.5) Once police clearance is received, the new member is then:

2.5.1) added to the “PWP NHW Members” WhatsApp group (Yellow dot group),

2.5.2) issued a call sign,

2.5.3) issued a membership card (upon receipt of a pic) and

2.5.4) issued with a PWP bib/vest (R100 to be paid, if bibs are available).

2.6) New members will only be added to the “PWP Patrol” WhatsApp group (Red dot group) and Zello channel:

2.6.1) once police clearance is confirmed and a

2.6.2) after a minimum of 2 patrols have been done with existing Patrollers.

Join PWP Neighbourhood Watch:

Download the application form HERE.

Please send the completed application form, a copy of your ID and a ID type photo of yourself to

Contact persons:

New Memberships: Terry – 082 515 6767

Patrols: Dylan – 082 878 3222